Find the Best Live Casino Sites 2020

Play the casino from your living room or office, but in front of other real players and croupiers, as if you were there… It’s the idea of a casinotier inspired by reality TV shows… Then it’s a question of technology and creativity – and that’s it, everyone can enjoy it, be both here and elsewhere, it’s no longer science fiction, it’s live casino!

With the new technology coming into play, casinos can now broadcast real live games from specially equipped casinos or studios. Authentic croupiers and croupières, as professional as they are charming, will integrate you into the game, just like the players present on site or virtually.

List of the Best Live Casinos of 2020

Casino Link Overview Live Sign Up Bonus Play-through Software Live Details
888 live casino 888 Live Casino 100% + 50 spins 30 x bonus (bonus)
50 x bonus (free spins)
Evolution Gaming Read more
dublin bet live casino bonus Dublin Bet Live Casino 100% 37 x deposit + bonus Vuetec Read more
eurogrand live casino bonus EuroGrand Live Casino 100%
12 x deposit + bonus (€$)
25 x deposit + bonus (£)
Playtech Read more
138 sungame live casino 138 Sungame Live 100% 35 x bonus HoGaming Read more
betfred casino bonus BetFred Casino 100% 20 x deposit + bonus Playtech Read more
global live casino bonus Global Live Casino 100% 37 x deposit + bonus Vuetec Read more
paddy power live casino bonus Paddy Power Live Casino 100% 32 x deposit Evolution Gaming Read more

Live Casino: Play Live!

You are no longer alone in front of the screen, and now casinos with live croupiers are becoming more and more popular among online gambling fans. The impression of reality that they give to table games, and the great interactivity that they allow players, are at the root of their success. Thanks to video streaming, betting takes place live, and with some software, French bettors can even talk to each other and to the dealer via live chat.

Live Casino Games

You can play all the table games live from online casinos equipped with live software:

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Lottery
  • Bingo

All the information relating to these live games is available in our “Guide to online casino games” folder. Some casinos also offer more exotic live games, such as Sic Bo or Majong Pai Go, from Asia.

The rules of live casino gambling do not change, the multiple options of poker, roulette or blackjack are the same and the boundaries between land-based and virtual casino are blurring to give way to all the emotion and tension of a real game game, facing human players and professional croupiers.

Of course, most live casino games are also accessible from a mobile phone or tablet, in formats that do not take anything away from the live experience.

Live Casino Software Providers

Among the providers of live casino games, there are big names such as:

  • Real Time Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Netent
  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Visionary Igaming
  • Extreme Live Gaming
  • Ezugi
  • Vivo Gaming

You will find the complete reviews of all these casino game software providers in our “Guide for Casino Game Publishers” folder.

Thanks to technological developments, these giants of the industry have designed games that are impressively realistic, beautiful and accessible. The success of online casinos would not have been complete without this possibility which seduced all sceptical players who refused to play against automated computer software, preferring the human experience of the game against a real dealer and with other real players.

Of course, it’s still a question of playing in front of a screen, but live casino games work differently. With live casinos, there are real croupiers who animate the game, from the shuffling and dealing of cards, instead of the random number generators used for video games. Some players feel much more comfortable, and more confident, when they play in real conditions.

The Advantages of the Live Casino

As mentioned before, almost all online casinos are now equipped with the “live casino” option – and for good reason, players are asking for more! And with technological evolution, streaming from casinos or gaming studios achieves unparalleled image and sound quality – provided you renew your software as you go along – which is certainly not available to all online casinos due to the high costs, but you can always count on the best to offer you the latest technologies in this field. In any case, playing live online real casinos, with an HD image and impeccable sound, is a definite privilege, and it’s not the only one.

The feeling of reality

We love the live casino experience for several reasons: first and foremost, the feeling is quite different – there is life behind the screen, there is action and it happens here and now, and I am one of them. It is a collective experience where finally, apart from transmitting the image and sound, the software remains alien to the party and only intervenes on a minimal technical basis. The human factor is at its peak, we talk to each other, we see each other, and if that happens, we may one day be able to touch and feel each other, at the rate that science is evolving.

The feeling of trust

Then there is the feeling that is probably not the same as with a video game entirely orchestrated by a machine that we are alone against; with the only possibility of communicating, a few keyboard keys or a possible email to customer service in case of a problem. This is why many players have not given in to the appeal of online games: they do not like the idea of entrusting their money to software. These are probably the same people who refuse to buy online and prefer human contact, direct and less formal. Faced with real dealers and other players, you are no longer alone and feel more confident: there is someone to talk to, and it is not a machine.


Playing is a social activity, so children and young animals learn to live with others and to communicate. Playing is sharing fun moments with friends and family but also with perfect foreigners from all over the world, whom the live casinos put on our path and allow us to get to know. There is a form of solidarity in this large community of players that you really feel with live games. You can talk with your opponents just like with the dealer, the contact can be, exactly as in everyday life, pleasant and spontaneous or cold and distant – no software screens the personality of each player. Why don’t you try live poker?

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