Comparison of the Best Live Dealer Casinos

BonusHitList is the #1 online casino guide presenting the best live casinos to play roulette, blackjack and baccarat in the presence of real croupiers. Our team has chosen for you the best online casinos and the latest casino games that guarantee an unrivalled level of play to give you back the casino experience.

Why play in a live casino?

In 2023, the Internet is teeming with online casino sites and it is very difficult to find your way around. No guide until then offered an objective ranking of live casinos in the UK, US, Australia or New Zeland. That’s why BonusHitList was created. Our strategy is to offer only online casinos that offer gaming tables filmed by webcams in the presence of live dealers.

Our live casino guide has become in a few years the reference for live dealer gambling. You will find all the information on our site to find the best online casinos 2023 to play safely. Playing live casino allows you to play against live dealers. Players find themselves in the same playing conditions as the live casinos without relying on software.


What is a live casino or a casino with live dealers?

In the world of gambling, live casinos or casinos with live dealers refer to casinos that offer live tables taken from casinos or studios. In 2023, all major online casinos have a section for live roulette, baccarat and blackjack players. Dealers are sitting at authentic gaming tables. Cameras shoot and broadcast the games live. Players can feel the atmosphere of ground casinos without leaving the living room.

What kind of casino games can be found in live casinos?

There are three main families of board and card games: Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Players who frequently visit casinos find their luck at online casinos, which we present on this page or in our selection of the best online casinos 2023. There are other live video games such as Hold’em, Craps game and Wheel of Fortune. Since 2019, there has been an evolution of games for the general public with popular games such as “Monopoly Live” or “Deal or No Deal”.

Do live games come from casinos or studios?

Roulette games online are broadcast live from 20 casinos, most of which are located in Europe (Denmark, Germany, Norway, Malta, Latvia). Other casinos are in the USA, UK and Australia. The vast majority of casino roulette tables are removed from the studios, but the game is as exciting as in traditional casinos. As for the live baccarat and blackjack tables, they are filmed live from studios only.

What is the difference between live games and standard games with Random Number Generator?

Do you prefer to play against real live dealers or trust the software? In live games, the player encounters a casino or studio dealer. The games take place under the eyes of the players sitting at the tables and Internet users. In such games it is impossible to cheat, everything is transparent. On the other hand, games in RNG (Random Number Generator) are not reliable. Indeed, the software acts like a croupier. He throws the ball or randomly hands out cards. We trust this type of table, but we trust real dealers more, not just software. Also, the game is more dynamic at live tables. You can communicate with the dealer, and it is more exciting. Finally, the decor and atmosphere are important points to have a good time at your favorite games.

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Is it true that live online casinos are better than land-based ones?

The answer is yes for a variety of reasons. Firstly, there are no gaming facilities on every street corner. Sometimes you have to drive several hours to get to the nearest casino. In addition, smoking in these premises is prohibited and disappointing to many players. Finally, the gaming rooms are not open all night. At online casinos, with a single click you are sitting at always available tables. And if you want to smoke while playing, no one will come and ask you to crush your cigarette butt.

Are live games only for experienced players?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, live dealer tables are open to everyone. Minimum stakes on some tables are very low for new players. For high rollers, software such as Evolution Gaming offers VIP casino tables. The playing line at the VIP tables can even be privatized and players are left alone at the table in front of the dealer.

Is roulette casinos with live dealers better than standard roulette?

Yes and no. What could be better than playing live roulette from a real casino. Cameras are installed above the table and next to the cylinder. HD images and fast streaming allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game. Except that roulette games with a live dealer are quite long. This depends on how crowded the table is. The dealer must exchange money for chips or pay the players’ winnings. In standard online roulette, only online players have access to it. Time is not wasted, and the games are faster. There are even such fast games as Speed Roulette, which play two games per minute!
Finally, according to our information, the most successful online roulette games from Authentic Gaming and Evolution Gaming are Blaze Roulette and Lightning Roulette respectively. These two tables are installed in the studios.

Can I win at live casino?

This is a question that is raised over and over again by Internet users. The chances of winning at online casinos are strictly the same as at regular land-based casinos. By following the rules and playing wisely, you can win big. For example, in blackjack you need to master the rules of the game and sharpen your casino winning strategy. It is important to behave reasonably when playing casino and not to give in to intrusive gambling.

Do I need to play with bonuses at online casinos?

We usually recommend that our readers give up their bonuses at online casinos. Online casinos offer bonuses to attract players. Behind this bait there are quite restrictive conditions when a player wants to cash out his winnings. In most cases, casino bonuses do not work at tables with live dealers. Some live casinos may offer certain bonuses. These are not exactly bonuses like free bonuses or welcome bonuses, but they are similar to this type of bonuses. On the other hand, there are no wagering requirements for cash refunds, as there are most bonuses.