About Us

Well here it is, finally the site has gone Live. I welcome you to this new gambling portal, and hope you like it. For several months I have worked day in day out to get it to where it is now. No team of techs and designers. This way there is no big overhead, and you can get the best exclusive deals out there.

One of the goals of this site is to be accurate, to get rid of the frustration of signing up to get a bonus and figuring out you aren’t allowed to claim it. I hope you will try to understand at this point there might be some faults, with the 204 listed countries, around 50 deposit/withdrawal options, all the software, groups, languages and currencies for 1 specific brand. Missing information will be added in the next few days and all details and bonuses will be checked in depth, one by one.
Still, if you find any misinformation please let me know by commenting or sending me a message. Those who help will be remembered and get free points to write their own reviews or get special freebies/bonuses.

Good luck, have fun!! 😉
And nice of you to give this site a visit. Hope you will do so regularly!

So here’s an update..

In the past week allot of problems which arised when going live have been solved, there are some bugs left which need to be squashed, and it seems Internet explorer is having a hard time digesting the tables and images.. Because of this it functions a lot slower than other browsers.

Lots of missing content has been added. Though there’s still allot remaining. Every day new content will be posted. And in time this will (hopefully with your support) become the most complete and accurate listing available on the www.

For those of you who noticed the site name contains the word shit.. It’s there for a reason, a separate section will be created in time. We don’t list blacklisted brands. So the ones listed are safe. If they receive the label rogue, given to them, by for instance well known quality control websites, they will be removed.

Thanks for visiting, and GOOD LUCK!