Exclusive Bonus Offers for Real Money Casinos

exclusive bonus

An exclusive bonus is a bonus that is given to you exclusively by the online casino or online casino portal, on which you play. The exclusive bonus is personal, adapted to your game or person. This bonus is not common to all players at the time you are awarded it or in general. Exclusive bonuses can be linked to date or your player account. Welcome bonuses, bonuses that occur on your personal data, as well as loyalty bonuses and VIP bonuses, all deposit bonuses, can be exclusive in the sense that they depend on your game.

The birthday bonus is still the most common exclusive bonus if you exclude deposit bonuses which are generally the same for everyone. It is offered to you personally because it is your birthday. If it’s your birthday today, then happy birthday! And hurry up and cash out your bonus. Their amount varies according to the casinos. Their value varies between $20 and $50 offered, but some online casinos prefer deposit bonuses, which can generally amount to up to 100% of the deposit bonus, sometimes more, for the most generous casinos. Please note that they will all be subject to strict withdrawal conditions.

But other bonuses can be considered exclusive. Reward bonuses for your game, such as loyalty bonuses, are also exclusive. Rewarding a player for his game, for his experience, for his seriousness on the casino, is in itself a bonus that is reserved for him, depending on his game. So we are also talking about an exclusive bonus. Loyalty bonuses are usually counted in points. In most casinos, 100 points is $10. If you have accumulated 500 points, the casino will give you $50. However, the rules differ as to how these loyalty points are earned. Some casinos award them in the first game, some only in tournaments or other promotions, and others condition them on certain deposit amounts or even wagers.

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Other Exclusive Bonuses

Finally, welcome bonuses are considered as doubly exclusive. There are two types of bonuses: no-deposit welcome bonuses and deposit welcome bonuses. Both are exclusive because they are exceptional bonuses, sometimes up to 200, 300, even 400 or 500% – in the case of a no-deposit bonus, we talk about a free bonus of $20 to $100 offered by the casino. As such, they are granted only once, at the time of registration and first deposit, i.e., in a unique, exclusive situation, which will not recur on the same account and for the same player. But they are also exclusive on the other hand – with regard to the welcome bonus with deposit – because they are adapted to the amount of your deposit. Even two different players who deposit a different amount will not receive the same bonus.

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And then there are the bonuses offered by online casino guides – like us BonusHitList – and these are really exclusive because they are only intended for players who visit our site. These are bonuses that we have negotiated, especially for you with the casino managers.

Several online gambling guides may offer an exclusive bonus for the same casino, but the amount of this bonus may vary from one site to another. Should we mention that when it comes to exclusive bonuses, our portal is one of the most popular sites for online players? See for yourself! At the moment, you are entitled to an exclusive bonus of $20 if you choose one of our partner casinos!

To know everything about the different online casino bonuses, check out our guide!