Online Scratch Cards

scratch cardsFor those of you who have been itching to try scratch cards, or more commonly known as “scratchers”, BonusHitList has once again searched and then researched the most trustworthy sites to fulfill your needs. If you’ve never tried them before, or just would like a free chip to play them, we also have several no deposit bonus offers available and some very attractive deposit bonuses to satisfy your craving to scratch on…

No Deposit Scratch Card Bonus Codes

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best free scratch card bonuses available online. If you are scratching for prizes on your computer or phone, these offers will get you in the game quickly with no need to deposit anything at all!

Scratch Link No Deposit Bonus Bonus Code
Lucky Hippo $44 No Deposit FPC44 Claim Now
El Royale $40 No Deposit ELBONUS40 Claim Now
Shazam $40 No Deposit WIZSHOES40 Claim Now
Highway $50 No Deposit HANDSHAKE Claim Now
Lucky Tiger $40 No Deposit SPINBANDIT40 Claim Now
Rich Palms $40 No Deposit SLOTSROCK40 Claim Now
Red Dog $40 No Deposit REDCHIP40 Claim Now
ComicPlay $50 No Deposit SUPERCHIP Claim Now
Grande Vegas $36 No Deposit GRANDEBONUS Claim Now
Lincoln $15 No Deposit 15FREELC Claim Now
Old Havana $36 No Deposit FPC36 Claim Now
Cool Cat $25 No Deposit 25BANKROLL Claim Now
Vegas Casino 33 Free Spins FPS33 Claim Now
Sun Palace $22 No Deposit FPC22 Claim Now
Raging Bull $15 No Deposit 15NDB Claim Now
PlayCroco $20 No Deposit 20FREECHIP Claim Now
Miami Club $10 No Deposit VEGAS10 Claim Now
Slots of Vegas $25 No Deposit SOV25 Claim Now
SlotoCash 20 Free Spins FREE20BANDITS Claim Now
Planet 7 25 Free Spins NAUGHTY25 Claim Now
Red Stag $15 No Deposit RS15 Claim Now
Silver Oak 25 Free Spins TREASURE25 Claim Now
Slots Empire $40 No Deposit SKYCHIP40 Claim Now
Aussie Play $40 No Deposit AUHAPPY40 Claim Now
Liberty Slots $15 No Deposit 15FREELS Claim Now
Palace of Chance 25 Free Spins BUDDHA25 Claim Now
Wild Vegas 30 Free Spins GOLD30 Claim Now
Uptown Aces $20 No Deposit 20FREECHIP Claim Now
This Is Vegas 125 Free Spins Automatic Claim Now
Paradise8 108 Free Spins Automatic Claim Now
Cocoa 40 Free Spins Automatic Claim Now
Davinci’s Gold 25 Free Spins Automatic Claim Now

Scratch cards first gained popularity in bingo rooms and then became commonly known by being utilized by countries and individual regions and states as a tamper-proof and equitable way to generate income while still returning the majority of revenue to the public. With the growth of the internet came an equal growth and demand for this popular game of chance.

There are many variations of Scratchers, but all carry the same basic design of hidden amount that are revealed by the player to determine what amount, if any will be won. In some respects, it is an abbreviated slot machine, with the results being revealed without much extraneous decoration.

As is the case with all no deposit and deposit bonuses, It is of utmost importance that you read and follow the terms and conditions when utilizing any for scratch cards. Our scratch card listings provide the most relevant bonus information at your fingertips and include a filtering feature to personalize your search and return only the results that apply and/or those which you prefer.

So, go ahead… scratch that gambling itch!

Online Scratch Cards are just as much of a hit with the internet population as playing one on TV. It’s possible to lose money at an Online Casino, but it’s near impossible to do so when using this type of card game which offers no risk and only pays out in winnings. If you’re looking for something different rather than traditional casino games like blackjack or roulette then try your hand at online scratch cards today!

Scratch cards have an element of surprise that just can’t be beat! They might not offer as much payoff in the long run but they’re still fun, free games that will give you hours of entertainment until your luck runs out. You’ll also never know if that next card could be one worth $100K or more so there’s always something exciting about them. Plus, they don’t require any sort of registration which makes them perfect for those who want to try their hand at gambling without risking too much money right away since playing for real money means depositing first.

How to Play Scratch Cards Online Easily

Scratch cards can be a fun game to play online. It is not difficult and only takes a few minutes from start to finish. The rules are simple enough for anyone, even children who cannot read or write yet will have the ability to scratch off the card by feel alone.

Download a Scratch Card Game to Your Computer or Mobile Device

There are many scratch card games available for download and these can be accessed through the internet. A lot of them come in both PC and mobile versions so it’s possible to play on whatever device you use most often!

Choose How Much You Want to Spend

The cost of an Online Casino game varies depending on how much money you want to spend with prices starting from $0.01 per card up to $100 per card. It is recommended that beginners start out playing for small stakes as this will help players get used the process without risking too much money while they learn what works best for them before gambling more heavily.

Pick a Game to Play

Players can choose from the wide range of Scratch Card games available for download on their PC or mobile. Some players like the high house edge and instant gratification that comes with playing $0.01 games, while others may prefer more skillful gameplay at higher stakes such as those offered by $100 games. There is no right answer when it comes to choosing which Online Casino game you want play – just do what feels right!

Find Out How Much Money You’ve Won after Each Game Finished Playing

The good thing about scratch card games is that they are quick paced meaning most people will know how much money they have won within minutes of finishing up a game so there’s not too long to wait for your next thrill!

The Different Types of Scratch Cards

There are many variations of the scratch card game. Which is best for you? The best scratch card game types are the “Classic” and “Instant Win” games. The Classic is a traditional type of gambling that requires players to fill in their own numbers on cards, with prizes being determined by the final three digits shown at the time they have finished scratching off one row of each nine. Instant Wins can be won from playing any card – just like how most people win money on lottery tickets!

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Which Online Casino Scratch Cards Have the Best Odds?

The odds of winning any lottery is less than one in a million. The online scratch off tickets that you find on the internet have a better probability, but not by much. There are some numbers and prizes to look for when purchasing an online ticket so that you can avoid disappointment or worse: wasted money!

Remember these statistics and your chances will improve greatly.

  • The odds on each card are as follows: One – one in six; two – one in four; three – fifty percent (50%); four – twenty five percent (25%) or less than 25%; Five – twelve point five percent (12.57%), six – seven point eight nine percent (78.94%).
  • Online tickets can be purchased from anywhere in the world where there’s access to high speed internet connections which could lead to fraudulent activities such as hacking into systems, rigging games, etc., if they’re available locally at all.
  • Selecting offers with higher probabilities of winning more prize amounts rather than ones that offer smaller jackpots for every card played improves your chance of walking away with more money.
  • If you’re playing a game of chance, the casino will have to payout at least 50% for players to leave satisfied and not feel like they’ve been ripped off. This is called the “hold” percentage which can be anything from 40%-60%.
  • Online tickets offer a better probability because there’s no need to figure out how many cards were drawn up before knowing if you’ve won or not.
  • Online casinos are also available to be played on any device, making it easier for a player to take their game with them anywhere they go.
  • Online casinos offer the opportunity of playing games at all times and in different languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch just to name a few.

Playing Scratch Cards for Free or Real Money

Some people play scratch cards for money. Other players enjoy playing the game for free. Playing for free can be a great way to get started with online gambling.

It’s also a good idea if you’re trying out a new casino, or just want to play at one that doesn’t require registration.
However, when it comes down to it your odds are usually better playing real money scratch cards than playing the game for fun.
You might think this would scare away potential players but in fact they will likely end up coming back and making a deposit sooner or later since there is no risk involved in playing for free!
There are benefits of both types of games so make sure you choose wisely based on what type of player you are before deciding to play one way or the other.

The best way to find out what type of player you are is to play for a while and see how it goes!

A free game can be a great source of entertainment while you’re waiting for your paycheck to come in, or if you just want something fun and relatively mindless to do on a slow evening. Playing for free allows users to enjoy themselves without having to risk their own cash as well as take advantage of any promotions currently being offered at that site.

Playing at real money scratch cards means that there is an actual chance of winning some cash!

Playing for real money at an Online Casino has a lot of benefits beyond the obvious one of being able to win more cash! For example, you’ll be playing on games that have been tested and approved by experts so they’re trustworthy from the start, plus their security features are top notch. It also makes it easier to keep track of your results since most casinos come with detailed statistics and tools like virtual coin counters which will show how much each wager is worth in cents or dollars instead of having to calculate it yourself.

Mobile Scratch Card Games

The number of people gambling from their mobile devices is ever increasing, and many gamblers are finding that they prefer to play on the go. The game selection available for our smartphones has also increased in recent years, giving players a greater variety than what’s typically found within brick and mortar establishments. For this reason alone, it pays to know about different games and how each can be played on your phone or tablet device. Here we will explore some options you may want to consider when looking for new ways to enjoy casino gaming while out of town or at home in between other activities!

Mobile scratch card games work much like traditional paper-based scratch card games. The difference is that they are played on your mobile device, and the game cards never have to be scratched or lost!

Getting free online scratch cards is a great way to win real money

A lot of people are not aware that there is a way to play casino games and win money for free. Online scratch cards are one of the most popular ways this can be done, but it does require some effort on your part in order to get them as prizes. There are usually two types available: those which offer you no chance at winning if you do not enter any information (and they will charge your e-mail address with nothing), or those where you have to go through other forms before receiving a promotional code without registering an account. The latter option offers more chances than the first because it requires something from the player, but both alternatives provide little financial incentive so take note when deciding what type of online casino site might be best for you.

Online scratch cards games are a fantastic way to have fun and win money. There is no need for any prior knowledge of the game, as it’s so easy to play online. Simply set your budget and spin the wheel. Whether you choose one or three lines, all possibilities of winning are in your hands with an instant cash prize up for grabs if you match all five symbols on that line!

If there’s ever been a time to start playing scratch cards games than now is definitely it – not only can they be played from anywhere but also players will never know what prizes might be waiting just over the horizon!

Blacklisted Online Scratch Cards

We know how it feels when your luck is on point and you’ve won loads but this couldn’t be farther from the truth for most players including ourselves. Blacklisted scratch cards are nothing more than a scam that will leave you with no winnings at all after wasting hours of valuable time! Here you can find full list of blacklisted online scratch cards that will only lead to frustration and disappointment!

If you have spent time online playing scratch cards, we would like to give you a word of advice – stay away from these blacklisted online scratch cards, and instead try our list of the top ten casinos that are reviewed by players who actually play there.

We have compiled a list of blacklisted sites which will help gamblers know which sites they should avoid at all costs.