Best Online Sports Betting Sites

sportsbook bettingIt used to be that Las Vegas or some “independent” oddsmaker were the only choices for the sports enthusiast when it came to placing a wager on one’s favourite team. Or if one wasn’t able to avail themselves of those options, they would simply sigh and think: “Man, I would have made some money if I could have bet that.” Those days are behind us now, and we can “put our money where our mouth is” with the advent of online sportsbook operations.

It’s a sure bet that more money is transacted on sporting wagers than any other form of gambling. The Superbowl is reputed to have more money bet on its’ outcome than any other single event in the world. Sports betting is big, really BIG, and getting bigger every day. This is particularly true due to the availability of online gaming sites and the ease at which one may place a wager on almost any game, at any time.


To introduce the player to this relatively young venue, many sports betting sites offer a “free bet” (requiring an initial deposit and wager) to the player signing up for the first time. It doesn’t end there as the returning player will find lucrative deposit bonuses at the ready to provide more leverage to his/her betting bankroll. Each sports betting site has its own set of terms and conditions – however, the patient player will be able to sift through his available choices and find one that is suitable for his needs.

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For those of us who would prefer not to spend time bonus searching and would rather use it picking the winning team, BonusHitList has listed the very best, accredited and proven sites to fulfil that need. By utilizing some or all of our unique filters, you’ll be able to spend less time searching and more time doing what you enjoy – and you can bet on that! SportsBooks, BonusHitList and You. That’s a winning team!

Popular Sports Betting Bonuses for 2024

Sportsbook Link Deposit Bonus Minimum Deposit / Bonus Maximum Deposit / Bonus Details
comeon sports bonus 100% 10 (£) / 10 (€) / 15 ($) 25 (£) / 25 (€) / 35 ($) Review