How to Identify an Antique Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest and most popular card games in the world. It has been around since the 15th century and is still played today. But when it comes to antique Baccarat, it can be difficult to tell a genuine piece from a modern reproduction. This article will provide tips on how to identify an antique Baccarat.

The History of Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game that originated in Italy in the 15th century, although some sources claim that it was invented in France. The game was initially popular among the French nobility, and it eventually spread to other countries. Baccarat was introduced to the United States in the early 19th century and has since become one of the most popular casino games.

The Basics of Antique Baccarat

Antique Baccarat is a type of card game that is played with a set of two decks of cards. In the game, players bet on either the player or the banker in an attempt to win the pot. The game is usually played between two players, but can also be played with up to ten players at once.

Signs of an Authentic Antique Baccarat Set

When looking for an authentic antique Baccarat set, there are a few signs that you should look out for.


The first sign to look for when trying to identify an antique Baccarat set is its age. An authentic Baccarat set will usually be at least 50 years old, so look for signs of aging such as discoloration, fading, cracking, or wear and tear.

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Another sign of a genuine antique Baccarat set is the materials it is made of. Authentic Baccarat sets are usually made of materials such as bone, ivory, ebony, or mahogany.


The design of an antique Baccarat set can also be telling of its authenticity. Look for intricate and detailed designs such as detailed carvings, engravings, and filigree.


An authentic Baccarat set will usually have some type of marking or signature on it. This can be a manufacturer’s mark, a copyright mark, or a maker’s mark.

Where to Buy Authentic Antique Baccarat

If you’re looking for an authentic antique Baccarat set, there are a few places you can look.

Antique Stores

The first place to look is your local antique store. Many antique stores specialize in antique Baccarat sets, so you may have luck finding an authentic set at one.

Online Marketplaces

You can also find antique Baccarat sets on online marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy. Be sure to do your research and read the seller’s feedback before making a purchase.

Auction Houses

Auction houses are another great place to find antique Baccarat sets. Many auction houses specialize in antiques and you can find a variety of Baccarat sets.


Identifying an authentic antique Baccarat set can be a challenge, but with the right knowledge and research, it is possible. Be sure to look for signs such as age, materials, design, and marks to help you identify a genuine Baccarat set. Good luck!